FranStar Services

The development services provided by FranStar for
Franchisors and Franchisees include

Advertising & Lead Generation

With FranStar Media and Marketing Services you can now market your franchise opportunity like never before. Franchiseek India FranStar's Media division helps you to capture 25 international markets and gives you cutting edge media campaigns.

Besides the advertising FranStar also helps you with lead generation and enquiry evaluation. Your sales team can now focus on the pre qualified leads allowing you faster closings and greater expansions.

Web Development & Marketing Technologies

Online media has emerged as a very strong vehicle for business promotions and thus it is important that your brand has high impact effective web presence that yields results. FranStar Web Media services offer complete online marketing solutions from web development, ecommerce, social network marketing, search engine optimization, webinars and other innovative web marketing campaigns.

Business Content Service

In the world of communication design it is said that content is the master. Without the right message and the right language all strategic plans end up as non effective. What we say is as important as what we do in business and that is why FranStar provides content development services for franchisors. Often mixed messages, non interactive language and wrong content format hampers best of the campaigns. If there is anything other than a budget that is crucial to a marketing campaign it's the communication, the content.

At FranStar we provide this service as an extension to our strategic inputs, to ensure that the final output of our Franchise development program carries the efficacy of our strategic insight. Every service and output we provide carries our strategic input built into it that invisibly & intelligently works for your brand.

Real Estate Selection and Branding

FranStar also provides services and inputs on selection of location for a franchise brand and its outlook as well. After the integration of business concept, systems and marketing the outlook of your brand has to carry the entire essence for a giving a direct experience to the consumer. FranStar gives insight and services on building the retail outlook of your franchise business. This includes signage, store layout, in-store branding and ambience.

Franchisee Training

FranStar in alliance with Guerilla Marketing provides Franchisee workshops, trainings and Boot Camps for orientation of Franchisees to take up guerilla marketing in their territories. Involving franchisees in marketing campaigns is important and plays a role in establishing strong franchise position in the market. Guerilla Marketing has been the world leader in motivating franchisees, offering them training and tools to capture their market.

Franchise Events

FranStar can also help you in organizing 'Discovery Days' for your franchise and also other marketing events that would add to your campaign in new and established markets. Franchising events are different from media and entertainment events and thus require an understanding of the franchise industry. FranStar has experience of creating right events be it a Discovery Day, An Annual Conference, A Store Launch or a Seminar Workshop.