FranStar Franchise

The franchise industry has experienced phenomenal growth of the past few decades and is growing worldwide. It is a proven fact that over 90% of franchises have chances of success compared to 18% for an independent business first opening its' doors. It is no wonder that we as franchise consultants consider ourselves on the cutting edge bringing the advantages of franchising to our home territory.

To create multifold opportunity in this growing industry, FranStar offers those professionals who are interested to work in Franchising Industry a chance to bring international services and consulting to their local market.

The Franchise Concept:

The concept of franchising is really quite simple. You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Most independent business people have their hands full just operating the business from day to day. Long term planning, strategic analysis, market research and organization are difficult if not impossible.

One of the greatest values of a franchise is the support staff and multifaceted organization that are behind the business owner. You, as a FranStar franchise, have the ability to draw upon this important resource and to bring these resources with your experience and knowledge to the clients in your territory.

Your Role as FranStar Franchise

As a FranStar Franchisee you are the local franchise expert. You are the connection in the loop to all services in franchising. You are the guru, the person with all the contacts worldwide. Why worldwide, because FranStar is world wide with the top experts all available to you.

In the FranStar system you provide services to Potential Franchisees, Potential Franchisors, Existing Franchisors, and to property owners seeking opportunities to lease their real estate.

Key areas of work

As a FranStar Franchisee your key areas of work will include

  • Offering your local market insight to FranStar clients
  • Offer franchise opportunities to potential franchisees in your market
  • Offer services for location selection & other support
  • Extend FranStar services to potential brands in your market
  • Organize FranStar workshops and franchising events in your market

The Tools You Get

Getting the word out that you are in business to provide services is an important part of any business. However with out proper tools and training it is difficult to engage your clients and offer them best of the services.

With FranStar you will utilize our high end tools to enhance your image and establish yourself as the 'go to' person for franchising in your territory.

To get started you receive complete training and support from FranStar.
You also get your media kit, marketing collaterals, website support and many of other resources to operate as a Franchise Consultant.

A FranStar consultant you will be well prepared and with our training and experience you will never have any difficulty delivering that special service to your clients.

The Rewards:

You will have the satisfaction beyond financial rewards that you will see as your local market grows with successful businesses that you grew as a result of your services. The relationship you build with your clients will be very important to your success. In many countries franchising is just emerging, but emerging fast. And you can gain from this cutting edge futuristic industry.

FranStar offers a No Risk opportunity for you to create your niche as a consultant.

Welcome Aboard….. The franchise team at FranStar is ready to assist you in building a business that will benefit you and assist your clients to achieve their goals.