FranStar Consulting

The FranStar Difference

The greatest edge that FranStar provides to you is that we own up your requirement and that makes all the different. Our solutions and insights emerge out of our understanding and analysis and we do not offer pre packaged solutions to fill the gaps in your development. FranStar philosophy is to offer what is essentially needed for the best growth and development.

Franchise Business Development - For New Franchisors

Franchising its business is a major endeavor for any brand. This requires creating a new foundation for the entire business system which involves multiple planning and a very strategic approach.

In most cases the businesses which have been established for a considerable time take up the Franchising transition. However an established business also needs as much input as a new concept when it comes to Franchising.

Our Approach:

Our approach for creating a new franchise brand is to offer a 'Fly By Wire' solution that is generated out of a strategic analysis and comprehensive planning. Just how a building cannot be erected without a blue print of its structure, a Franchise Brand cannot be created without a Full Turn Key plan for the Business.

Often franchising programs that begin without a plan end up in non uniform development and results in a poorly developed franchise system with bleak chances for success. At FranStar we have adopted this 'Fly By Wire' approach that allows you to follow a highly objective business plan, a program that works like a precision mechanism eliminating the non effective trial and error methods.

This blue print for franchise development is a phased growth plan that interlinks all key areas of development. The key areas of Franchise Development are as follows

  • Concept and USP
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Format
  • Business Operations
  • Franchise Business Offering
  • Franchise Agreement & Policy
  • Franchise Marketing & Communication
  • Franchise Selection
  • Business Transfer Process
  • Franchise Training

These are the major areas for your Franchise Development. Each of these has numerous elements that need to be understood and developed. FranStar customizes these essentials as per the requirements of your Franchise Brand, giving exactly what you need to make your business a Franchised System.

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Strategic Consulting for established Franchise Brands

For those brands that have taken the first leap and have established their entity as a Franchise brand, the greatest challenge lies in two areas. One is how to develop the franchise network and second is how to bring integration of innovation and improvement in the business. Another key area of concern is how people and potential franchisees perceive the brand. How the market responds to the brand is what drives the development efforts to take the brand to the next level.

At FranStar we objectively look at your franchise business from all perspectives and offer clear insights that help you make right decisions. Constant improvements and innovations are important and we give our best strategic and creative inputs to improve a brand's functioning.

Our services include analysis and recommendations and facilitation for implementation of new initiatives in business development. We also bring our alliances and network resources to maximize your gains from our strategic inputs.

Be it new business systems, marketing campaigns or business expansion in unexplored markets we offer our insights and services to facilitate these transitions that can determine greater success for your brand.

Our Approach:

Our approach here is to follow a 'Dip Test' method coupled with 'Benchmark Matching' by which we ascertain how well every area of your Franchise business is functioning.

The Dip Test determines how strong or weak a certain area of your business is and the 'Benchmark Matching' is done to compare your systems with the industry benchmarks to ascertain where new improvements can be made.

Strategic Consulting for Existing franchise brands include following elements

  • Business Overview
  • Existing Strategy Overview
  • Business Improvement Potential
  • Business Expansion Potential
  • Marketing Strategy Review
  • Consolidated Development Plan

FranStar Consulting for Buying a Franchise

FranStar also offers consulting services for those entrepreneurs who wish to buy a franchise business. We have a wide portfolio of brands which we represent and we also extend our search to include all national and international available franchises that suits your profile.

Our Approach:

We have a three step approach to help an entrepreneur select the right franchise.

First we present an overview of Franchise Brands their distinct profiles. There are product based franchises and service base franchises. Depending upon your interest we consult you on what exactly you should be looking for in a franchise brand and how you should arrive at the right decision.

Second we create your profile as a prospective franchise, mapping your strength and weaknesses and your best potential. Also we create the profile of franchise business that would suit you the most. This is studied in terms of industry interest, market potential, financial resources, your key strengths etc.

Third we do an extensive research to bring a selection of franchise brands that would be right for you in all respects.

Our other Consulting Services for Franchise Brands include

Expansion in international market

With our division Franchiseek India, FranStar offers consulting and wide range of services for expansion in international market. This includes finding new potential markets, advertising in international market and evaluation and selection process.

Master Franchise Recruitment

Appointing master franchises is very important especially in remote market areas where your direct access is not possible. FranStar understands the role of a Master Franchise and offers right guidance to appoint Master Franchises in New Markets.

On Mergers, Acquisition and Finance

In franchising mergers and acquisitions are now becoming a common place phenomenon and many franchisors consider this strategic step as vital to their long term growth.

Also funding resources are often sought by Franchisors to fuel their development plans. FranStar has access to funding resources to meet Franchisors requirements.